November 2014
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

Candido Mendes


The Quest for Identity

De la politique et de l’amour
Gianni Vattimo

Bolivia’s “Evismo”: “specters” of communism or “ghosts” of neoliberalism?
Javier Sanjinés C.

The culture of coexistence and pluralism. The Islamic view,
Oman’s experience and prospects for a way out of the impasse

Abdulrahman Al Salimi


World Consciousness, Citizenship and Shared Values

Human rights in contemporary Islamic thought
Ridwan Al Sayyid

The roots of an elusive Andean identity: a brief history
Enrique Ayala Mora

From “all under heaven” to critical cosmopolitanism: the transformation
of China’s world consciousness

Qing Liu


Towards an International Dialogue

Relevant knowledge for dialogue: applicability, demystification
and advocacy

Syed Farid Alatas

New spaces for East-West dialogue
Marco Lucchesi


Coexisting with Difference in an Age of Pluralism and Globalization

Difference and “otherness” on the brink of dialogue
Candido Mendes

Universalité et pluriversalité: les valeurs en question
François L’Yvonnet

Religious knowledge and cultural creativity in the making of Islamic pluralism in Brazil
Paulo Gabriel Hilu R. Pinto


Social Inclusion and Representation

Democracy without politics: how democracy can seriously harm democracy
Daniel Innerarity

Diversity, inclusivity and governance in the social landscape of Southeast Asia
Razali Ismail

The global clash of inequalities: multiculturalism and its limits
Enrique Rodríguez Larreta


Looking Inclusion and Representation

Philosophers and kings
Susan Buck-Morss

Le religieux à l’épreuve du politique
Hélé Béji

Values through others. Being weak in a world of cultural pluralism
Santiago Zabala

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