he-sh-abdallah-rahman-al-salmi-minister_002 Sheikh Abdallah Bin Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Salmi
Former Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of Oman


Religious Tolerance – A vision

The seven addresses by Shaikh Abdullah bin Mohammed al Salmi contained in this volume illustrate the continuity of his critical thinking and of his attempts to strengthen both understanding between peoples and in particular the belief in God’s will – a will that desires progress and wellbeing for all humanity. Al Salmi brings back into focus Islam’s peace-loving spirit towards Judaism and Christianity and towards the other religions and cultures of the world, and speaks boldly and clearly about the role of politics and religion in the age of globalisation.
Shaikh al Salmi’s argument is influenced by his personal view of the past and the future. He uses his wealth of knowledge to challenge the religious and political stereotypes of the Islamic world and its relationship with the West. His commitment to religious tolerance and mutual understanding is a shining example in an age when humanity’s need for positive role models is greater than ever.

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