Peaceful coexistence

coranThe philosophy of the Ibadhis is based on principles of religious tolerance and the avoidance of conflict and violence. Other religious views or models of interpretation must be respected. Prayers in the mosques throughout the country are conducted with Sunnis and Shiites side by side with Ibadhis. Sunnis and Shiites have always lived in harmony and accord with the Ibadhis, who have been and continue to be the majority in Oman.

The communal prayer to God knows no theological disputes. Everyone must answer for himself before God. As for the deciding of legal issues, Jabir bin Zaid considered the following to be the basis for making judgments in cases before the Islamic community, and in this order: the Quran; the Sunnah; the opinions of other senior men; and lastly, one’s own judgment.

Ibadhism is based on the struggle to return to the purity of Islamic faith and society exactly along the tenets prescribed by the Prophet Mohammed. Ibadhis have always maintained their firm loyalty to the Quran, the Sunnah, and to their fellow Muslims and have always had an open attitude of inviting people to understand their views, and allowing time for others to decide their attitude. The Ibadhis always made it clear that they would not fight unless they were attacked first. Bloodshed due to theological differences is regarded as shameful.

Throughout history members of other faiths were found in Oman: Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and others. Due to the principles of religious tolerance their presence was accepted in the past centuries, and they were not discriminated against due to their religious affiliation, even in the times of the religious state, the imamate.

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