April 2014
Muscat – Oman


The list of topics that were discussed in this conference included the Quranic values in terms of jurisprudence and its foundations, justice, mercy, the jurisprudence impacts, equality in international pacts from Islamic perspective, justice foundations in Islam, rights of veterans in jurisprudence, rights of child in Holy Quran, human rights, the purposes of Islamic Sharia’a, jurisprudence vision of the declaration of the USA independence, the French declaration, the international declaration and human rights between the two world declarations in 1984 and 1990 and the common human issues for Ibn Barakah, Al Farabi, Al Eiz bin Abdul Salam bin Hazim. Al Naeni, Al Qutaib, Imam Nour Al Din Al Salimi, Sheikh Ali Yahya Mouamar, Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalili, and the impact of Islamic jurisprudence in English, French and Spanish laws.

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