Religion in daily life


Omani Muslims, men and women, start their day with the fajr, the morning prayer, which must be offered before sunrise, either in the mosque or at home. Afterwards they go to work.

During the day the zuhr, or midday prayer, is performed in nearby mosques, or in special prayer rooms in the government and other buildings.
The Quran requires certain prayers to be performed five times per day.

Anyone who is unable to do so at the proscribed prayer times can make up for it at a another time. When traveling, two prayers may be combined.
During the holidays many families travel to Mecca in order to perform the umrah, the “little” pilgrimage.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. During this time the usual daytime activities take place at night. One meets with neighbors, friends and acquaintances for a large repast, everyone bringing a dish.

On the many small floodlit sports grounds some young people play soccer or volleyball. Everyone prays together in the mosques and thereafter meet in groups to sit and chat outdoors.

Ramadan is the time for communication and socializing. One makes new friends and reconnects with old ones. The focus is not on business and getting ahead, but on one’s fellow man.

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