The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

coranIn 2001 the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque was completed in Muscat. The architecture of the mosque is subdued yet rich in detail and succeeds in combining the diverse artistic traditions of various Islamic eras and regions in grand harmony. This principle of design is also symbolic of the ideal of Omani society with various Islamic traditions and orientations all peacefully united under the roof of the Ibadhi.

The grounds of the mosque cover an area of 416,000 square meters. The main entrance is approached through three high arches which are aligned with sunken lines of dark marble in the pavement and converge on the principle minaret. Its height of 91.5 meters is thus optically accentuated greatly due to the perspective. The entire mosque complex was erected on a rectangular base, at the corners of which are another four minarets, each with a height of 45 meters, completing the enclosure.

The wide prayer hall, measuring 61 x 71 meters, provides prayer space for 6600 believers. It is covered with a 4263 square meter carpet, a masterpiece of Persian carpet weaving. The optical counterpoint to the fine carpet is the wooden ceiling, which is richly decorated with calligraphy and arabesques. The whole room is dominated by a 34 meter high dome. In its center hangs a chandelier made of Swarovsky crystal, whose 1122 lamps bathe the cupola in a magical light.

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