April 2007
Muscat – Oman


Morning Sessions:

Opening session: moderator Khalid Al Mushrifi

Administrative Supervision: Ahmed Al Maouli.


Moderator: Asaad bin Hamoud Al Maqimi.

Administrative Supervision: Ahmed Al Harithi and Abdul Nasser Al Abri.



  1. Dr. Ahmed Al Khamlichi – Director of Dar Al Hadith Al Hassania in Morocco.
  2. Dr. Radwan Al Sayed – Answers in Early Ibadi Biographies: from 2nd to 5th Centuries (H).

Evening Sessions:

Moderator: Salem Al Haimali.

Administrative Supervision: Omair Al Muamari, Fahad Al Saadi and Ahmed Al Shabli.

  1. Sheikh Dr. Wahbi Al Zuhaili – Fatwa in Early Muslim Ages between Ahl Al Ray (People of Opinion) and Ahl Al Hadith (People of Hadith) or People of Traditions of the Prophet.
  2. Sheikh Dr Abdul Hamid Al Attrash – Codification of Jurisprudence Issues in the First Three Hijrah Centures, their Functions and Relations to Fatwa of Doctrines (Questions and Answers).
  3. Sheikh Aflah bin Ahmed Al Khalili – Influence of Abi Obaida and Al Rabea bin Habib in the Emergence of Fatwa Literature in Omani Jurisprudence.


Morning Session:

Moderator: Saleh Al Hosni.

Administrative Supervision: Ahmed Al Mouawali, Asaad Al Muqimi and Ahmed Al Harithi.


  1. His Eminence Sheikh Prof. Hojat Al Islam Mubaligh – Jurisprudence Fatwas between Evidences and Rules.
  2. Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Mabrouk Al Najar – Jurisprudence of Developments and its Impact on Directing Inference.


Moderator: Fahad Al Saadi.

  1. Dr Mubarak bin Abdullah Al Rashidi – Jurisprudence of New Occurrences (Nawazil) for Sheikh Abi Nabhan Al Kharousi and its Impact on Jurisprudence Renewal.
  2. Dr Yahya bin Al Baraa – Fatwa of Renewal in Islamic Reform Movement (Comparative Study).
  3. Dr. Hussain Shawat – Jurisprudence of New Occurrences (Nawazil) in the West.


Evening Sessions:

Moderator: Khalid Al Mushrifi.

Administrative Supervision: Omair Al Muamari, Fahad Al Saadi and Ahmed Al Shibli.


  1. Sheikh Abdullah Al Azi – Fatwa, Reference and Tradition in Islamic Schools (Comparative Study).
  2. Prof. Dr Ahmed Al Naifer – Fatwas and Nawazil (New Occurrences) Books for Scholars of Jurisprudence Schools.
  3. Prof. Sulaiman Bawazir – Jurisprudence Problems in Answers of Imam Jabir bin Zaid, Example of Early Jurisprudence Fatwas.


Morning Session

Moderator: Sultan Al Hanaai.

Administrative Supervision: Ahmed Al Mouawali.


  1. Dr. Rajab Abu Malih – from Regulations of Iftaa in Nawazil (New Occurrences) issues.
  2. Prof. Muataz Al Khatib – Avenues of Fatwa in Contemporary Islam.


Moderator: Ahmed bin Muzafar.

Administrative Supervision: Ahmed Al Harithi and Asaad Al Muqaimi.

  1. Sheikh Saeed bin Rashid Al Salmani – Sheikh Saeed in Khalfan Al Khalili and Diligence in Fatwa.
  2. Dr Abdul Sattar Abu Ghida – Answers of Imam Noor Al Din Al Salimi and doctrine renewal.
  3. Prof. Dr Farhan Al Juaibiri – Diligence in Nawazil (New occurrences) of Transactions of Ahmed Al Khalili and Ibrahim Baioudh (Comparative Study).


Evening Sessions:

Moderator: Mohammed Al Barwani.

Administrative Supervision: Omair Al Muamari, Fahad Al Saadi and Abdul Nasser Al Abri.



  1. Prof. Dr Abdullah Al Sayed Wild Abah – Judicial Institutions and Fatwa Institution in the later ages.
  2. Prof. Dr Mohammed Kamal Imam – Nawazil (New Occurrences) Issues in Transaction Jurisprudence between Islamic Sects and Renewal of Fatwa.
  3. Dr Khalfan bin Sinan Al Shuaili – Fatwa Institution and Cultural Transformation in Oman from 1800 to 2000 AD.


Administrative Supervision: Yousef Al Baloushi, Khalid Al Mishrifi and Abdul Nasser Al Abri

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