April 2010
Muscat – Oman


Morning Sessions:


Moderator: Dr. Kahlan Al Kharousi


  1. Dr Radwan Al Sayed: Concept of Urban Jurisprudence, Function and Purpose.
  2. Dr Mohammed Kamal Imam: Al Hisbah (Accountability) and its Supervisory Role.
  3. Ismael Al Aghbari: Period of Imam Al Sult bin Malik and its Cultural Depth.
  4. His Eminency Sheikh Ahmed Mubalaghi: Jurisprudence Rules and Jurisprudence of Architecture.
  5. Dr Wabha Al Zuhaili: Legislative Resources for Jurisprudence of Architecture.


Evening Session:

Moderator: Dr Mubarak bin Saif Al Hashimi.


  1. Dr Prof Ahmed Maliki: Ibn Khaldoun and Human Urbanism.. Jurisprudence Theory.
  2. Dr Ibrahim Kafi Doulmiz: Jurisprudence of Social Groups (Through Endowments).
  3. Sheikh Mohammed Ayoub Sadqi: Jurisprudence of Neighbors and Guests. (Jurisprudence of Habitable Homes for the Poor, Inn and Guesthouse).
  4. Hadi Mohamadi San: Jurisprudence of Sports, Entertainment and Mental Health.


Moderator: Prof. Sultan bin Saeed Al Hanaei

  1. Abdul Majid Al Najjar: Jurisprudence of Immigrants under Financial Challenges.
  2. Faisal Abdul Salam Al Hafyan: Heritage Literature in Human Jurisprudence.
  3. Dr Saeed bin Saeed Al Alawai: Scholar and Taking Care of Human Rights and Freedom.


Morning Sessions:

Moderator: Dr. Abdullah bin Saeed Al Muamari.


  1. Dr Mustafa Tasirich: Sharia Texts and Protecting Environment.
  2. Abdullah Mohammed Fadaq: Sharia Purposes and Protecting Environment.
  3. Sheikh Aflah bin Ahmed Al Khalili: Sharia Rules and Protecting the Environment.
  4. Burhan Kour Auglu: Environment Ethics in Islam.


Moderator: Dr Khalid bin Saeed Al Mushrifi.

  1. Sheikh Ali Abdul Baqi: Individual Behavior and Environment in Islam.
  2. Dr Essam Al Din Mustafa: Civil Work and Environment in Islam.
  3. D Abdul Salam Al Wajih: Heritage Literature in Jurisprudence of Environment, Universe and Organisms.


Evening Session:

Moderator: Dr Salem bin Saeed Al Tawqi.


  1. Dr Ali bin Helal Al Abri: Protecting the Earth and Natural Resources (from the Perspective of Public and Private Property).
  2. Dr Ibrahim Al Bayoumi Ghanim: Jurisprudence of Water Management and Protecting Environment in Islam through Endowment System.
  3. Nasser bin Khalfan Al Badi: Water Jurisprudence and Legal Use of Water through the Two Books of Mussanaf and Bayan Al Sharea.
  4. Mohammed Jourmaz: Literature of Scholar and Student (Comparative Study between Burhan Al Din Al Zarnouji and Al Hakim Al Turmuzi).


Moderator: Dr Saleh bin Ahmed Al Bou Saeedi.

  1. Sheikh Dr Abdullah bin Rashid Al Sayabi: Jurisprudence of Ethics of judicial profession.
  2. Khales Galabi: Jurisprudence and Ethics of Medicine Profession.
  3. Dr Kamal Omran Al Sadiq: Division and fundamentals of Urban Jurisprudence.


Morning Sessions:

Moderator: Prof. Mohammed bin Saeed Al Hajari.


  1. Dr Mahmoud Harmoush: Jurisprudence of Building Mosques.
  2. Bahmed bin Mohammed Rafis: Protecting Human Resources and its Applications- Jurisprudence View.
  3. Dr Abdul Sattar Abu Ghida: Supervision over Markets, Rules and Fields.
  4. Dr Hamid Lahmar: the State of Market and its Development in the Islamic City.


Moderator: Dr Khalfan bin Abdullah Al Sayabi

  1. Talat Taj Al Din: Practical Models from the Practical Monetary Jurisprudence (Coinage), Currency Counterfeiting, Money Laundering, Black Market.
  2. Ayman Fouad Al Sayed: Currency Market and Supervision, Jurisprudence and Documentary Study.
  3. Fahad bin Ali Al Saadi: Heritage Books in Jurisprudence of Markets.


Evening Sessions:

Moderator: Prof. Bader bin Saud Al Daghishi


  1. Bader bin Salem Al Abri: Etiquette of Road between Jurisprudence Origins and Practical Applications.
  2. Ali Al Saqali: Administrative Protection of the Road, Regulations and Rules.
  3. Awad Mohammed Awad: Criminal Protection of the Road in Islamic Civilization Jurisprudence.
  4. Abdul Hadi Al Tazi: Islamic City Systems.


Moderator: Prof. Mohammed bin Saeed Al Muammari.

  1. Mohammed Zahid Gul: City, State and the Jurisprudence Diligence (Ijtihad).
  2. Sheikh Abdullah Al Azi: Protecting the Public Premises and Facilities (Reading in “Qadaa bil Marfaq” Book).
  3. Nabil Al Ghafiri: Jurisprudence of Civilization – Reality and Ambition.


Morning Sessions:

Moderator: Prof. Ahmed bin Saeed Al Bou Saeedi


  1. Muataz Al Khatib: City and Progress.
  2. Dr Radwan Al Sayed: Destinies of Cities: Jurisprudence Contemplations.
  3. Khalid Azab: Heritage Literature in Jurisprudence of City and Architecture.
  4. Dr Mohammed Kamal Imam: Jurisprudence Rules Governing Architecture.

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